Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bedraggled story

I am still alive but one of these days I am going to kill the old man, the annoying-whiny children, the horny tomcat and the banging neighbours. I can’t go to sleep because for some strange reason this particular neighbour of mine starts some hammering job in the middle of the night. So you can imagine the throbbing in my head each time the hammer hits the nail on its head. Then I am woken up by this black cat that meows the whole night because it’s horny and needs to shed off his high level of frustrated testosterone. As my eye lids slowly droop down and from the cracks of my drowsiness I see dawn filtering through my curtains; just when I am about to submerge into my well-deserved sleep, I am woken up by this wrinkled, hunched–back man, with the most vicious temper - who starts off the day abusing his helpers and kicking them too. Then my old landlord decides to bang on his car to fix a dent. I live right above his garage, so every morning without fail he turns on his radio and listens to the 6:00 a.m news and does his share of talking loudly on the phone. So, the past few nights have been very annoying - waking up with puffy eyes and a nasty frown. Sigh! Oh and I forgot the kids. God, they drive me up the wall with their “mmmmuuuuummmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy” (note that it’s like playing the E string on the violin by an amateur or your finger nails across the blackboard). I am tired of getting out of the wrong side of the bed. Take pity on my bedraggled state of mind.

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