Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I saw him after a long time and suddenly he looked much older and frail. And when I hugged him, he also seemed smaller. That’s when it hit me that my dad has really aged. Till that moment my dad was this invincible being that could take on everything and everyone. But this time when I went home, I saw him for him – not as a superhero but the father he is to me.

He is still the same – stubborn, funny, very hardworking, intense, difficult, generous, honest, short-tempered, silly, intelligent and loving. But he gets tired faster. His ulcers give him pain. His feet need to be massaged because of diabetes. His blood pressure gives him these agonizing headaches that deprives him of his sleep.

But despite all that, he still has time to cook my favourite fish dish. He still has patience to listen to me. He still loves to make me laugh with his silly jokes. He never gets sick of narrating stories of me when I was a baby. He still gets worried if I come home after 6 pm. He still wishes that I would dress a bit more girly. And he still wakes up at 2 am to check that I am properly tucked into bed.

So on the last night as I tucked him to bed, he hugged me and told me not to go. He jokingly said that I should quit my job, come home, marry a guy from the nearby village and give him lots of grandchildren. We laughed. But it also made me realise that one day all this would just be a memory. That one day he won’t be there with me.

As my dad drifted off to sleep, he sleepily asked me to tell him a story. I hugged him tight and told him silly stories about my life away from him. He let out a sleepy laugh, kissed my forehead, told me that he was so happy that I was home and that I should come home more often. I told him that I would and stayed with him until his arms around me became limp and he started to snore.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Must Watch! Seriously!!!

Sour, a Japanese band, perfects the YouTube video viral. In a few days this video will be everywhere, so watch it now. I also put another very cool video of theirs. After all it is Japanese creativity!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Songs That I Will Kill

A fistful of mythical ghetto-wonderland soundscapes. High-pitched squeals, yearning falsetto choruses and dreamy synths. A sublime space-pop heaven, crystal-voiced goddess. These new sounds have been on repeat mode for me.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bubblegum Love

There was this boy
There was this girl
And everyday he would give her strawberry bubblegum
For she loved its sweetness
And he loved how it sweetened her breath
With that their love grew
It started out small
But it became bigger with each breath
And they were very happy in their own little bubble
As it took them up, up and up
Till they could no longer see the ground
But after a while they became too heavy
Weighing down their buoyancy
Until it finally burst
And all that was left was a faint scent of strawberry in the air