Thursday, December 11, 2008

Putting a Name to a Face

This used to be One-of-the-kids-who-sell-magazines
We met each other a few months ago
I was on my way to work in an auto
He was selling magazines
He approached me and tried to sell me a magazine
I shook my head and waited for the light to turn green
This was our routine
From Monday to Friday
Around 10:00 am in the morning
Gradually we started to recognise each other
With little smiles
He was no longer just another faceless little kid selling magazines
And I was no longer just another customer who ignored him
Today I could finally put a name to the face
This is Pankaj
And he is 14 years old (or so he says)
That is all I know about him
For now


Anonymous said...

good one! nice picture too/ kya writer hai yaar/ keep updating...


destinednomad said...

stories we could tell:))
stories we could write:))