Friday, March 27, 2009

I Need My Bra

I believe in equal rights and freedom of speech and so on. But I don’t think I need to burn my bra or be a Samantha Jones to prove myself. The debate is old and I think we just need to accept that we are different. Men and women are different. We are wired differently. We are on different emotional levels. We can’t fight million of years of evolution. I also agree that we are physically the weaker sex. And I don’t think that by saying this I am being apologetic or regressive. Of course, we can be faster, stronger, smarter than men but at the end of it all we are still different. The way we think, react, laugh, confront, love, eat, gain weight, nurture life, orgasm, fake it, endure, fight back, make decisions… We are just different and I love it. I love being a woman despite all the shit that we get and have gotten. Sure, we have a long way to go but let’s not lose our femininity – it is the most powerful and amazing gift.


Anonymous said...

*standing ovation!!

it takes a real woman to accept these facts and still feel strong!!



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Puja Upadhyay said...

btw, the bra burning actually never has just been talked about so much we feel it happened for real.