Saturday, May 09, 2009

This is Sick

I can’t sing and I wish I could especially when I listen to some of my favourite songs. But more than singing, I wish I could beatbox. I have tried but I spit more than producing any sound - I sound like a goat with a really bad cold. So while I was looking for some beatboxing tutorials I came across this guy. And, man, is he good. His vocal percussions are impressive. Just listen to him use them. It seems like he has a speaker in his throat.


Anonymous said...

kewlness!! :D
hey check this one out. this guy was the first beat-boxer that i went "wow!" to:

and this one's really kool. Canon in D played on this Korean traditional instrument, a guy doing the beat-box & a guy on the mixer. And this guy dancin freestyle:

Puja Upadhyay said...

i cant believe you actually tried to do this molo...get real :P i think all the praise has got to your head...agree you have a great voice but dont try to stretch it to limits. btw have you ever tried a ventriquologist? m sure you will like it.
try this, its freaky

and if you dont remove this word verification...i swear i wont ever comment :P

Me said...

hahaha...Puja, don't be a brat...and I am still trying to do it but my mouth is getting really sore and I am kinda losing my patience...hehe