Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bubblegum Love

There was this boy
There was this girl
And everyday he would give her strawberry bubblegum
For she loved its sweetness
And he loved how it sweetened her breath
With that their love grew
It started out small
But it became bigger with each breath
And they were very happy in their own little bubble
As it took them up, up and up
Till they could no longer see the ground
But after a while they became too heavy
Weighing down their buoyancy
Until it finally burst
And all that was left was a faint scent of strawberry in the air


destinednomad said...

bishi bhal...
i can smell strawberries!

Puja Upadhyay said...

thats so cute!

Me said...

Thanks :-D

Anonymous said...

lol!* aMooo...dat was reaLLY nice..i feEL like i'm floatiNg aloNG wid em and caN taSte the straWberrIes..wud's weiRd is iM seriouSLy craviNG for strawbeRRies..briNG me some..heHHEh!*

Anonymous said...

hey! so i'm FINALLY back to a bit of blogging. this one's so cute. and so surreal. yay!! :)