Wednesday, September 09, 2009


You punish yourself

Not letting go

Of your mistakes, anger, regrets and what-ifs

You think happiness is not a possibility for you

You used to curse god

Now you don’t believe in one

You think life is unfair

You’ve forgotten how to count your blessings

And spend way too much time thinking of your misfortunes

You think you are damaged

Too damaged to be repaired

Too damaged to hope

You’ve given up on yourself

After all the pain caused to you and by you

You feel you don’t deserve to live

That your sins are too many

Too burdensome and condemning

You don’t want to continue living like this

But I ask you

To live

Because sins can only be atoned while you are alive

So please stay alive


Puja Upadhyay said...

beautifully written again, and so much in so little words. words of comfort, words of hope. thanks a ton for this post molo.

neera said...

beautiful and thoughtful verses.. so true to live life..