Saturday, August 28, 2010


It’s not easy having a sister or being one especially when you and your sister are so different. We even look physically different. My little sister is taller, smaller and an introvert. Then there is me: shorter than average, chubby and an extrovert. I am not afraid to voice my opinions and she tends not to say anything. I have a loud voice and she has a quiet one. I have been living away from home since I was 7 and she has never been away from home in her 22 years of existence. She can deal better with compliments and I can deal better with criticisms. I don’t like keeping my emotions bottled up whereas she keeps them tightly bottled up. I am brusque while she is gentle. I am restless and she likes her routines. I can’t get up in the morning and she can’t stay up late. And these differences have become stark after 19 years of growing up separately.

Honestly, if we weren’t sisters then I don’t think we could be friends. We would not be able to connect on a lot of levels – fashion, music, opinions, career, etc. I don’t remember us ever having a sisterly or even a girly one-on-one talk about crushes, heartbreaks, dreams, doubts or Brad Pitt. And how can two healthy females not talk about him! There has to be something wrong between us for that to happen. And there is. We still sleep on the same bed but we know nothing about each other's life. From the serious things like 'what do you want to do in life' to the inane things like 'when was your last shoe purchase", we never REALLY talk.

Of course, we do have our moments but I want more. I want everyday to be a giggly, clothes-borrowing, secret-telling, dream-sharing event. After all you can't just get a sister over the counter. I really want to communicate and know more than just her blood type, birthday and menstrual cycle. I don’t only want to be a sister but I also want to be a friend. So, I guess as the older sister I have to take the first few steps.


Anonymous said...

hey ati mo!
everyday can't be a "giggly, clothes-borrowing, secret-telling, dream-sharing event"... :) don't worry. it ain't like that with me and my sister everyday either :D
just show her you love her by the way you are with her.... be patient with her, listen to her, ask her stuff about herself.... and the giggles etc will follow...!! :D
all the best! :D

Me said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I hope the giggles follow soon. Hahaha!

destinednomad said...

this is a good post and a great read! i think i could be friends with ur sister (not because u r friends with my brother but i like her already... as in how she appears to be in your words)

Anonymous said...

Me and my older sisters are complete opposites too.
I sometimes think I should write a book on "how to deal..."

Here's to the two of you becoming soul sisters.