Saturday, October 15, 2011


A lot of people think of Christians as lemon-sucking people, who have these long “thou-shall-not” lists and are seen as dull and “uncool” people. And even many Christians share the same opinion. A lot of us think that becoming “Godly” or “spiritual” will make us boring and snuff out the fun things in our life. Even I used to think so. But not any more.

The way I see it, the “cool” quotient is attached to things that blow our minds. Someone that inspires and impresses us. It could be a monumental architectural wonder. A new scientific discovery. A fashion designer. A singer. An artist. A dancer. A composer. Lady Gaga. Bono. Wael Ghonim. Nadal. Oprah. The list can go on.

So, how can we, the people who believe in a God that has created every single thing that exists – great and small - be such uninspiring and lackluster people, when we have access to the COOLEST OF ALL COOL – GOD! I mean he is everything. His “résumé” is incomparable and unmatchable!

Remember that HE is the ultimate scientist-engineer-architect who created such a wondrous and detailed system of the world and the DNA and the human body and its functions. From the nanoparticles to the sun; from the way our hands works to how the season changes, everything has its purpose. Even now the world’s best scientists cannot explain the workings, secrets and mysteries of a single cell. And only He knows everything.

HE is the ultimate fashion designer, who created colours, fabrics, shades, etc. It’s amazing how He has “colour blocked” on a single leave with hues of green, orange, purple and yellow. And the colour pink is not just one colour. It has hundreds of shades and variations.

HE is the most awesome musician and composer that gave sounds, melody and tunes to everything around us. Rustling leaves. Chirping birds. Gurgling water. Whistling winds. Musical notes and pitches. It’s amazing.

HE is the undisputed master chef who created all the wonderful flavours and spices and cuisines. Sour. Sweet. Salty. Spicy. Bitter. It’s mind-blowing. And then he gave us taste buds to enjoy all these things.

HE is the Creative Director of all Creative Directors with just how everything is purposefully and wonderfully given its place and purpose. Like how the sun rises and sets. How the night changes into day. How the seasons change.

HE is the Master of everything. So, if we can get inspired by other people and things around us, then why can’t live an extraordinarily inspirational life for HIM given by HIM.

And when God inspires, the result is catalytic, where we become inspirational, encouraging and an example to others. And great things will happen in small and big ways.

I cannot even fathom or put my head around on how HE did, does and will keep doing so. But I am so overwhelmed by HIS glory. And knowing this truth, I just want to live my life glorifying HIM in everything I do. Living my life to its fullest potential that HE intended. God is so COOL!

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