Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Love You Too

There is just so much I have to tell you.
A lot has happened and I am not sure where to start.
It has been so long since I have talked to you.
I have all sorts of stories to tell you.
Tales that have made me cringe, giggle, laugh, angry, happy, regret, reminiscence, sigh in relief, struggle…
And I know which ones will win your approval,
And on which ones we will have our differences.
But I know that you will listen to me and understand me.
And at the end of it, you won’t condemn me and love me less but more.
Much more than I deserve.
Much more than I can imagine.
More than I ever was and ever will be.


poemsnpuja said...


Anonymous said...

start at the beginning.

Blandid said...

Start from the beginning? Hmmm...that would be very hard for me...haha! I am kinda random so you have to first ask me whatever you want and then I can take it from there. :-D

Susan said...

there's something confusing about this post.
you start off saying it's been a while since you talked to this person.
you end with saying this person will love you more for the things you have to say, which implies this person is in love with you right now...
do you see the confusion?
was a lovely read nonetheless. will check back more often from now on.

Blandid said...

This person has always loved me and I am not saying this in a conceited way. I know that no matter what, this person will never stop loving me. So even after a long time of not being touch, it is so reassuring and wonderful to come back to such unconditional love. All my doubts and fears just disappear. You could say this is agape love.

Susan said...

that's so special!
it's always easy to take people who really love you for granted. and we rarely get second chances...
now that you've got this person back, make sure you don't lose them again! and never take this person for granted again!

NiQky said...

hey! for me... ur best one so far :). i love it.
esp the passion in the last 3 lines

Blandid said...

@Susan: It is really special and I am really lucky. I definitely won't take it for granted! :-D
@Lanu: Thanks. You are always so encouraging!