Thursday, August 17, 2006

Detoxify your mind

Things inside your head seem so much bigger than they actually are. The thoughts that run in your head seem to be endless, the questions in your head seem to only get longer and confusing, the fears only seem to burrow more into the dark corners and the worries seem so heavy. The mind gets crowded with so much to think and worry and fear, that all that you hear are cacophonic voices in your head telling you different things. It gets congested inside that undiscovered realm of the body that utilizes only 2% of its capacity. The claustrophobic environment that your mind has to deal with makes it paralyzed and impotent to think clearly. There is too much of muck inside the crevices of your brain and the squalid environment decays the rationality of thought. All that you have kept hidden and forgotten seem to petrify your logic into doing something. But once you say or clear out your past in your head, things become clearer and calmer. Things that seemed so big inside that small space of your head are so much smaller and insignificant. Then you wonder why you made such a huge deal out of it. Why you held it inside of you so long. Why you did not tell anyone before. Once you hang everything outside and clear the attic up there, the congestion disappears and there is more room for sensible and happier thoughts. A big sigh of relief is exhaled. Things in life are not as big as we make them seem. Detoxify your mind with healthier and happier thoughts. All you need to do is clear out the things that you have stored up and have not used it in a long time. Get rid of thoughts that impend you from thinking forward. Wipe clean the worries that stump you in life. Kill the fears that paralyze you and find answers to the questions you always had.

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