Friday, August 04, 2006

Dirty Gol Gappas

Life definitely gives and takes. There is no doubt that one moment you have it all and the next moment you’re stripped naked and left vulnerable. Everyone that you meet will have some self-pitying, self-remorseful, life-changing experience that radically changed the way they saw, heard, tasted, smelt and touched life. Eventually everyone will have one, even those on their deathbed. Everyone has some regret in his or her life and that makes life more bearable because it makes everyone more human and relatable. The degree of pain, love, joy, struggle, betrayal etc are all the same but all at different times so that each one can feel their pain even though another can empathize with the emotional pendulum each person encounters in life. The paroxysm of emotional intensity that each one has to endure cannot be avoided. It can be delayed but it is imminent. Life sounds so clichéd at times because of the similar and familiar stories that we all have heard and can relate to but life has not lost its charm and is still inspirational and that’s because we have one lifetime to prove, gain, lose, laugh, being in love, being kicked in the balls, discovering great sex even at the age of 80, discovering your sexuality, losing friends, gaining family members, listening to great music, going bungee jumping, realising that the best listener is actually deaf, dealing with PMS, being bitten by a dog or biting a dog’s nose, being chased by a pig, having embarrassing moments, eating goat balls, swimming with carnivorous squids, relishing dirty gol gappas prepared by a vendor whose fingers might have just scratched his balls or dug his nose and the list goes on as to how undiscovered life’s spectrum can be. How vast life can actually be when you step out of the clichéd realm that you have surrounded yourself by. In the experience of one’s life there are countless things to do, imaginable and the unimaginable. We are so bounded by norms that impede our non-conformist and adventurous selves to break free. Maybe that’s why ordinary people can become extraordinary because they dare to indulge in life. How I envy such people who can truly experience more than I can. All I do now is wish and hope that someday I can truly venture out and taste, hear, see, smell and touch life in a different way.


Anonymous said...

I like this. so true and captured so well. thanks.

Puja Upadhyay said...

way to go girl! drag me along when you are actually out on any of your life's adventures :)

Me said...

I sure will Puja! :-D