Friday, August 04, 2006

Fat Girl

The next time a woman, be it any of my girlfriends including me or even my grandma, asks if her ass is looking “huge,” I am going to tell her, “Yes, it so huge that your ass enters the room five minutes after you have entered the room.” If another frequently asked question of if her boobs are looking big, I am going to say, “Yes, you enter five minutes after your tits enter the room.” If I am faced with another question of if her boobs are sagging, I am going to say, “Yes, I think you can throw them over your shoulder like a regimental soldier.”
The obsession with ones body has infected everyone, every women of every size, colour, hair, height and smell. How have we come to be so concerned about such trivial matters in life when there are more important things in life that we have to be concerned about. The statistics of 34-24-34 seems to have more relevance in our lives than that of the statistics of victims of AIDS, sexual abuse, war, violence etc. the superficiality of the glossy magazines and the kind of life they portray seems to have more relevance and impact than that of the images of people dying or the world being torn apart by politics that has no heart and humanity left in its objective.
Everyone is a victim of narcissism, indulging in ones appearance. One has looked into a mirror and reflected on what they saw, finding flaws and torturing and wishing of how to get that body that they have always wanted. The incessant fixation on a body, an ephemeral body that’s just a covering for what is actually inside that matters have gained so much of prominence in the society that it is sickening.
People abuse their body and make themselves sick so to attain the body that they envy for. Every girl has a fat and a skinny girl inside her, where the skinny girl’s taunts can be so destructive. The mind of a girl, where she sees herself ten times more heavier than she is and where the skinny girl inside her ridicules and drives her to hate herself and to deprive of the joy in life for not being skinny. The maddening obsession to be skinny consumes you, that all you think is how ugly you are and how much more beautiful you would be if only you were skinnier. There is an inverse relationship, where the value of yourself goes up as you lose more of yourself. The less you weigh, the more beautiful you feel or yourself.
If it was that simple to kill the skinny girl in you that torments every living matter that you are made up of. Life would be so much simpler if we were not made to fit into a particular shape. If others were not so fixated on how you look from the back, front, left side, right side, top and any other angle that they can observe you from. Everyone is beautiful but there are so many who do not realize it and will never accept it. If only it was much simpler to appreciate and enhance the inner self and worth than obsessing on the ephemeral manifestation of man made statistics.

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