Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Haha Haha

Last month I was totally in love with U-Know of DBSK (a Korean boy band) after I saw him dance in Mirotic (it's one of their music videos). That's when my obsession with K-pop and J-pop started. So, I would google and youtube anything K-J-pop. I personally don't find bishounen hot other than in mangas (Natsume and Zero - I will save them for another day). They are too effeminate for me but U-known dances so F-I-N-E. So, that is when I came across this video. It has U-know (duh) and Mickey (DBSK) and I find it really kwi-yeo-un/kawaii!

p.s. U-know is the guy on the left.

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Anonymous said...

So you still into Yunho-shi ? =)...I didn't think you would fall for any of the popular idols :P...unlike me, who have this nasty weakness for pretty boys xD

There is none like my pretty boy, Kim Jaejoong ^___^