Friday, April 24, 2009

Eye Love

(I look cockeyed!)
My eyes are different and I mean different. My left eye has a fold and my right eye has no fold - it’s like a little slit on my full face. Yes, I am fully aware of cosmetic procedures and sticking thin strips of cello-tape over the eyelids to create the fold, but I choose not to make my face more symmetrical. Other than having a bit of a problem while putting eyeliner, my eyes are wonderful.

During college days, my eyes were a dead giveaway when I was sleep-deprived while studying for exams. That’s because my folded eye would become wider and the other eye would become narrower. It made me look funny and this would crack up my friends and I – a great stress buster.

They are also a conversation starter. If there is ever a situation where there is an uncomfortable silence hanging over us, all I need to day is, “Did you know that I have two different eyes? One has a fold and one doesn’t. Look”. And voila, people are suddenly scrutinizing them, talking about them and talking to each other.

Plus, they make people less conscious about their problem areas. They feel a bit more relieved knowing that their features are not so weird. It makes them more grateful that one of their legs are not shorter than the other or that at least they can lose weight whereas I have to live with this oddity. It’s amazing for self-esteem.

But what I love most about my eyes is that they are from my parents. My mom’s eyes have folds and my dad’s eyes are like my right eye – no folds. I wouldn’t change anything about my wonderful, odd eyes!

p.s. It’s totally ok to use my eyes as a conversation starter the next time you find yourself in a huge group in need of some talk.


Puja Upadhyay said...

this post confused me...because i never noticed it when i was seeing you every day...and night...and in between...all the while, sleepy or not...i dont remember when you were not sleepy, or not wanting to sleep.
you should have told me then, why did you keep this secret from too molo!

thats an awesome description you wrote...and being so modest about it! if you cant write, who could, i wonder.

the posts are amazing...good to be able to see whats in that head of yours :D

keep going...and i will be here to comment.always.

and ya, remove this word verification, its virtually kicks me away. this time the word is fooban, almost looks like fool ban yani ullu ban gaye :P

Anonymous said...

hey oya! nice easy flow to your writing :)
i love this:
But what I love most about my eyes is that they are from my parents. My mom’s eyes have folds and my dad’s eyes are like my right eye – no folds.

tem said...

I never noticed how odd or weird ur eyes were until i read u revealed it publicly(jokes)! U are cute,bubbly n pretty...I have a typical naga nose. I often talk abt my'TYPICAL naga nose' to people wen i have to talk abt naga ppl n their looks heee

ZEev said...

hahahahahahah u hav beautiful eyes ,maaam ji