Wednesday, April 01, 2009

On This Week's Reject List

My week in a picture (notice the shitty, yellow dot of hope)

The one who is on top of this list would have to Nothing seems to be going right for me. At work, all my ideas are getting bombed. It's like the bombing of Nagasaki, except this time it's Naga-sucky (I can't believe that I just made that very lame joke but I am absolutely mindfucked at the moment so I can away with it). Then I never seem to get an auto. For some reason, the first fifteen autos that I manage to halt down never want to go where I need to go. The sixteenth auto-wala reeks of alcohol and the seventeenth auto-wala will overcharge me by 52% but by then I am too tired to argue. By now I am totally exhausted and you think that sleep would come to me easily but that too evades me. And plus there are some other things that are kinda too personal to put it out there. But then life is not always unfair because it gives everyone an unequal amount of shitty deals. That's the only thing that is democratic about life being unfair. So, this is for the person who will topple me from the top of this list: Don't lose hope because someone else is unknowingly waiting in line to go through this. It's NOT you. It's just life.

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